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PotBiz: the innovation game

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About the game
Learn how to be a successful innovator as you try to turn an idea for a decomposing plant pot into a profitable business.

You have a great idea – make a range of biodegradable plant pots which hold the plant roots and potting mix together during planting, in a material which will be decomposed by micro-organisms in the soil.

To turn this idea into a successful product you must develop a suitable material, design the pots, borrow money for equipment, make, promote and sell them, and stay ahead of imitators and competitors. It won’t be easy – being an innovator never is. In PotBiz, the decisions you make could lead to fame and fortune, with an innovative product that helps in planting millions of trees and shrubs, or lead to you going out of business with debts to pay.

Game credits

Game concept, script, and scoring: Rob Renew
Design and animation: Richard Byers and Camela Cheng
Programming: Andrew Lawrence and Mike Sheetal
Producer: Seb Chan

PotBiz: the innovation game was produced by the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney with funding from the National Innovation Awareness Strategy (NIAS) administered by the Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources, Canberra.