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Museum resources in design, technology and cultural diversity
The Powerhouse Museum embodies much of the content for Technological and Applied Studies syllabuses in its mission, collection, building, exhibition, programs and public profile. Here is a selection of resources.

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An annual exhibition of the outstanding major design projects from the previous year HSC Design and Technology students.

China,China: recent works in porcelain by Ah Xian
March - September 2001
A unique display of intricately painted porcelain body-casts by Chinese-Australian artist Ah Xian.

Australian Design Awards February -April 2001
Recognising excellence in industrial design, furniture, engineering and software.

Visions of a republic: the work of Lucien Henry
April -October 2001
The French-Australian artist Lucien Henry (1850-96) was one of the earliest artists to propose a school of Australian public art, architecture and design. This exhibition explores his extraordinary life, work and vision and role in creating an Australian identity.

Lace for Fashion

July - October 2001
Judged for fashion relevance, originality, innovation in design, use of materials and technique, this exhibition displays finalists' works from the International Lace for Fashion Award.

Marc Newson
August - November 2001
Showcases the design and work of one of Australia's most internationally renowned modern designers.

Ecologic: creating a sustainable future
August 2001 - permanent
Encompassing all aspects of life from house design to public transport systems, Ecologic explores the concept of redesigning products and systems to reduce energy consumption and material-flows through the environment.

Fashion of the year
until October 2001
A selection of contemporary fashion chosen from top local and international designers of 2000.

Bayagul - contemporary Indigenous communication

Success and Innovation: achieving for Australia

Colonial to Contemporary: a decade of collecting Australian Decorative Arts



Australia Innovates:an on-line guide to innovation in Australia's industries A collection of stories of Australian innovations that made an impact in the last century. The site is also a directory of links about Australian Innovation, including new and emerging innovations. This site was produced with support from the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering. enter>>


DesignTech Student Seminar accompanies annual DesignTech exhibtion
Contact NSW Board of Studies 9367 8309

Sydney Design Week 9 August - 19 August 2001
Sydney Design Week provides students with a unique opportunity to meet young Australian designers and discuss their approaches to design, view exhibitions, participate in study days and designer-led masterclasses.
The SoundHouse™ provides students with a hands-on opportunity to explore new music technologies. Programs include 'Discover music technologies', 'Compose yourself' and "Mega SoundHouse™.

Information Technology Centre (ITC)
The ITC provides students with the opportunity to use a variety of software applications that enable them to explore, design and print their own creations while learning about the role of IT in the creative process. Packages include "Designing information', 'Introduction to Computers and Design' and 'Fad, Fashion and Function'.


Powerhouse Publishing produces many publications, multi media titles, exhibition guides and catalogues relevant to many of the Stage 5 and 6 Technological and Applied Studies. Here is a selection.

Making it: innovation and success in Australia's industries (revised edition)
This illustrated, full-colour book about innovation and success in Australia's industries is an essential reference on industrial design and technology, the history of Australian industry and Australia's future in a global economy. It is also a valuable resource for the Design and Technology syllabus.
Making it is the perfect companion to the CD-ROM Know-how: the guide to innovation in Australia also from Powerhouse Publishing.

CD-ROM Know-how: the guide to innovation in Australia
From the clever notion to the hot promotion, Know-how takes you deep inside innovation. With over 145 video case studies, reference databases containing over 1500 photos and 150 000 words, and challenging and amusing games, Know-how looks at the people, the processes, the history and the potential of Australian innovation. Explore a database of over 350 Australian innovations, from boomerangs to Mambo, from the Coolgardie safe to Dinosaur Designs. Play the innovation game -- Cheryl's Big Break -- and produce a dog repellent that works and sells!

Beyond the Silk Road: arts of Central Asia
A close up look at the Powerhouse museum collection of objects from Central Asia including costume, textiles, rugs, lithographs of designs and metal work.
Absolutely Mardi Gras: costume and design of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras [link]
Capturing the colour, excitement and energy that makes the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras world famous. Absolutely Mardi Gras features top designers, fabulous costumes, fantastic floats and behind-the-scenes pictures of the Mardi Gras Workshop.

Cars and culture: our driving passions
Cars and culture looks at Australians and their relationship with cars - the car in advertising, film sport, women and cars, car crashes, cults and clubs.

Beyond architecture: Marion Mahony and Walter Burley Griffin in America, Australia and India
Beyond architecture looks at the lives and work of these two influential architects. Eminent authors from Australia and North America take you on the Griffins' professional and spiritual journey from their years in the officef Frank Lloyd Wright in turn-of-the-century Chicago; to Australia in their pursuit of a 'democratic civic ideal'; and to a revitalised practice in India.

Christian Dior: the magic of fashion
This publication documents the impact of Christian Dior on the fashion world with a special focus on his influence in Australia. Published to coincide with the 1994 exhibition of the same name.

Evolution & revolution: Chinese dress 1700s-1990s
Through the medium of dress, Evolution & revolution explores the dramatic cultural, social, economic and political changes which have occurred in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan over three centuries. This unique book offers an accessible, informative and inspiring treatment of Chinese history, culture and dress.

The fibro frontier: a different history of Australian architecture
Holidays at the beach, battlers in the bush, life in the suburbs … the word 'fibro' evokes so many images and memories for Australians - fibro is part of the Australian experience. Fibro has long been in the shadows, but today cutting-edge architects in Australia and overseas are returning to fibro - now asbestos free - as a cheap and versatile building material.

Ken Done: the art of design
This book with its brilliantly coloured images, analyses Ken Done's internationally known art and design.

A material world: fibre, colour and pattern
This book features over 120 images and a wealth of background information about the methods, technology and history of many of the techniques used to make and decorate fabrics. It is a valuable reference for students, teachers and everyone interested in textiles.

Rapt in colour: Korean costumes and textiles from the Chosôn dynasty

Discover the beauty, design and history of Korean wrapping cloths and costume. Created exclusively by women during the Chosôn dynasty (1392-1910) the wrapping cloths communicate their passions, love and hope.

Refreshing!: art off the pub wall
Pub paintings are among the most enduring celebratory images of Australian life. Althoughhey now inspire nostalgia, they were originally intended to give hotels a modern image. This lavishly illustrated book traces their origins early this century to their heyday in the 1930s and '40s.

Stepping out: three centuries of shoes
Discover the Powerhouse Museum's extraordinary collection of shoes. Dating from the early 1700s to today, the collection includes some of the finest examples of 18th and 19th century European shoes.

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