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This material addresses aspects of the following syllabus outcomes:

Engineering studies
A student:

H1.1 describes the scope of engineering and critically analyses current innovations
H1.2 differentiates between properties of materials and justifies the selection of materials, components and processes in engineering
H2.2 analyses and synthesises engineering applications in specific fields and reports on the importance of these to society
H4.1 investigates the extent of technological change in engineering
H4.3 appreciates social, environmental and cultural implications of technological change in engineering and applies them to the analysis of specific problems.

Board of Studies NSW, Stage 6 Engineering Studies Syllabus (1999) pp.12-13.

Design and technology
HSC outcomes

A student:

H2.2 evaluates the impact of design and innovation on society and the environment
H3.1 analyses the factors that influence innovation and the success of innovation

Board of Studies NSW, Stage 6 Design and Technology Syllabus (1999) pp. 11-12.

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