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Aerodynamic drag: the force exerted on an object in motion relative to the air it is moving through.

Caliper brakes:
a brake consisting of two brake blocks which are drawn towards each other through a central pivot and which grip the rim of the wheel.

a large toothed ring (part of the chainset) that drives the chain via the pedals and cranks.

the setup comprising the chainwheels, chainring, chain and rear sprocket.

a less commonly used term for a sprocket.

arms which drive the chainwheels. Cranks are bolted to the crankshaft.

axle to which the cranks are attached.

mechanism which moves the chain from one chainring or sprocket to another.

Fatigue life:
time taken to weaken a material subjected to stress

Finite elemental modelling (FEM):
data used to model a particular property using computer software, for example, analysing load throughout the monocoque structure.

Flush mounted instrumentation:
instrumentation is positioned evenly or level with the surface to avoid aerodynamic drag.

Frps: Fibre reinforced plastics. Thermosetting plastic composite usually combining a resin with a fibre reinforcement such as glass filament or carbon fibre.

mechanism on a bike that changes its rate of motion; low gears make it harder to pedal, while high gears make it easier.

Modal analysis:
a tool for non-destructive inspection and quality control.

a hollow shell frame with no additional core material.
(mono: one; coque: shell)

process of enhancing or capitalising on the best features or qualities.

arms inside a wheel rim that link the hub to the wheel rim.

rear cog, normally a smaller toothed ring, which fits onto the rear wheel; also called a cog or cogwheel.

the equipment for a particular job.

Track bike:
bike with a 'fixed' single-speed gear and no brakes.

confirmed or substantiated.

banked bicycle racing track.

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