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The Powerhouse Museum's AIBO

Product design: hardware and software solutions
The Sony Entertainment Robot (ERS-110) or the Aibo (pronounced 'eye - bo') uses a combination of robotic and media technologies with machine intelligence. Packaged in the form of a dog, it generates interaction with its operator. An examination of the Aibo hardware and software reveals how an inanimate object becomes a life-like companion. The Sony product name 'Aibo' stands for artificial intelligence robot. In Japanese aibou means pal or buddy.

Visit this site to get a personal perspective on what it's like to own an Aibo (please note this now links to a web archive of the site)

Aibo is not just the result of extensive research; it also reflects the human fascination with creating life. The origin of a product like the Aibo is linked to the myths and legends of inanimate objects coming to life and the many and varied technologies that have allowed this to happen. These stories and developments have helped bring the Aibo to market.

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