This website has been archived and is no longer updated.

The content featured is no longer current and is being made available to the general public for research and historical information purposes only.


Gambling: calculating the risk is an educational website which helps you learn about mathematics and probability, as applied to lotto, instant scratchies, roulette and poker machines. The mathematical challenges get harder the further you go as you gain an understanding about the probabilities of winning – and losing.

You will discover something about how these forms of gambling work, their history, how much Australians spend on gambling, and where to seek help if gambling becomes a problem for an individual or family members.



There is no staking or risking of money on this website, and no winning or losing. In New South Wales only people 18 years of age or over may legally gamble.

Gambling: calculating the risk website presents information researched by staff from the Powerhouse Museum, NSW teachers and Macquarie University. The information on this website was correct at the time of writing (2004).

This website has been funded by the Casino Community Benefit Fund (NSW) as an information and education initiative aimed at raising awareness about problem gambling in the community. This website is designed to explain the mathematical principles which underpin gambling.
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