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Agriculture and food
Miniboil water heater
energy-efficient hot water dispenser

These small, white, Australian-made boxes are quietly serving instant boiling water to tea and coffee drinkers all around the world. They're more efficient than any urn or kettle.

Patented controls keep the water in the Zip Miniboil between 99 and 100 degrees Celsius. Any steam that's produced is turned back to hot water (condensed) in a patented cowl (hood), and recycled to preheat incoming cold water. No steam escapes to waste energy, damage paintwork or scald people.

Who Did It?
Key Organisations
Zip Heaters (Australia) Pty Ltd : R&D, design, manufacture

Paul Schremmer & Associates : design
Key People
Michael Crouch : head of Zip, conceived idea
Raymond Massey : chief technical executive

Further Reading
'A company on the boil'
Beverley Firth (ed) Advance, vol 7, no 1, May 1991, p 11.

Zip Heaters (Aust)
Australian Design Awards 2001

Zip Miniboils are used in offices throughout the world. Courtesy Zip Heaters (Aust).
A cross section showing how steam is recycled to pre heat cold water. Courtesy Zip Heaters (Aust).
ATSE Powerhouse Museum