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Guide for students and teachers

Welcome to Australia Innovates, an information resource for teachers and students. It's informative with many different stories to tell. This site is for students and teachers of: K-6
Science and Technology
Human Society and its Environment
Design and Technology
Senior Science
Technology and Applied Studies

It is also useful for students and teachers of secondary Economics, Business Studies and Legal Studies. On this site you will find:

A century of innovation
The most significant Australian innovations of the 20th century are presented as short stories highlighting their impacts and importance. Web links and further reading materials are provided for each story so you can find out extra information. The stories are grouped into nine categories:

  • agriculture and food
  • communication and information technology
  • energy and environment
  • health
  • household and clothing
  • leisure
  • manufacturing
  • research
  • transport

You can perform a search of the stories. A list of the 100 innovations featured is available as a pdf document. Extension questions and activities are provided for some of the innovation stories.

The innovation cycle
This section describes the activities necessary to turn a good idea into a successful innovation. Nine in-depth case studies illustrate the different tasks required to manage an innovation. The people involved describe some of the challenges they faced. Each study is accompanied by discussion questions for all age groups.
To go directly to a case study select one of nine case studies of innovation below.

  • Idea – ResMed breathing aids
  • Research – Australian tea tree oil
  • Develop – Vanadium battery
  • Resource – Redfern photonics
  • Patent – Bishop Technology Group
  • Design – Sydney 2000 Olympic Torch
  • Make – Caroma dual flush toilets
  • Sell – Victa mowers
  • Service – Incat catamarans
The edge of innovation is a directory of current and emerging sources of innovation in Australia. Other Resources

ATSE Powerhouse Museum