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Atom engine ignition
computer ignition kit for small engines

Sometimes an innovation can be simply to update older products to perform like new again, saving money and resources to boot.

In 1975 brothers Angelo and John Notaras had a bright idea for improving engine ignitions by replacing the points and condensers on older portable and two-stroke petrol engines with a tiny electronic device. They were named Inventors of the Year on ABC TV in 1976 and have sold over 3 million ignition systems since then.

The brothers were farmers and originally developed the ignition system for a chainsaw. They have adapted it for many uses, including mowers, pumps, generators and outboard motors.

The modules are still sold as replacement parts in 38 countries, and now are also fitted as original equipment by two-stroke motor manufacturers.

Who Did It?
Key Organisations
Atom Industries : manufacture
Key People
Angelo Notaras : inventor, company owner
John Notaras : inventor, company owner

Further Reading
'After the farm came a mighty spark'
Paul Clarke
The Sun (Sydney), 27 February 1986, p 37.

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Advertising material about Atom engine ignition. Courtesy Atom Industries.
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